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1. Is my personal information kept secured?

All payment information submitted by our customers is encrypted and is kept secure and confidential. CYNOPTION store is 3D Secure System related to “MPGS” the world’s most secure Internet payment gateway system used by banks. Only authorized personnel have the right to access this information. At no point will we share, rent or sell your personal information without your consent.


2. Will I receive online security email every time I place an order with you?

Online security is meant for every order; however the verification process is ideally one-time. In your next or future purchase(s), if you are using another credit card or using another account information, such as billing or shipping address, your order will be subjected to Online security verification again.


3. Why should I give you my personal information?

Customer information pertaining to name, card billing details and shipping addresses are necessary to process any electronic transactions via credit/debit cards. These are essential inputs into the fraud detection mechanisms built by our payment partners. We follow up on all transactions with phone calls to verify orders.


4. If I fail to respond to your email within the stipulated time period, will my order be still processed?

Failure to respond to the online security verification process within the time period given will result to automatic order cancellation. We regret to inform you that if we do not receive any response to the online security verification within the given time, your order will be cancelled automatically.