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It all started after being the 1st one to bring the franchise system and successfully running the Generation (Bahadurabad), Neepunal (for ladies) and Nees punal (for gents). It was 2001 in Karachi when a young, responsible and determined boy lost his everything but had a vision of making eastern fashion affordable for everyone with providing amazing and outstanding designer wear.

The only thing he focused on is to provide the latest fashion around the world with the suitable material/fabric in the most remarkable and reasonable prices. Hence, majority of the women in Pakistan can satisfy their wants by buying variety of eminence and latest designer wear in comparatively lower prices from Cynoption. He opened the first retail outlet by the name of “Option” at Bahadurabad, Karachi in 2001. With Allah’s will, the people loved it and the brand started to achieve early success. “Option” opened its retail outlets in various parts of the city which included three stores at Bahadurabad, one at Zamzama, one at Madni Mall, Hyderi and the company also expanded in Jarranwala, media com, Faisalabad till 2007.

Due to the fast-moving fashion clothing industry and the trend of e-commerce the brand had huge losses and had to close some of its stores. However, now it’s time for “Cynoption” to return to the market to serve its customers with reliability, responsibility and loyalty. Currently, the company is coming up with an ecommerce retail store which will deal customers worldwide.